Geographical view of Kapsowar Hospital

Kapsowar is a small town in Elgeiyo-Marakwet County, Kenya. Prior to March 2013, it was located in the former Rift Valley Province. In 1994, Kapsowar became the headquarters of the former Marakwet District. Prior to this, the Marakwet and Keiyo tribes were collectively grouped into the Elgeiyo-Markwet District .


For our Visitors


Although Kapsowar is near the equator, because of its elevation (approximately 7,400 ft or 2,250 m) the weather is mild and pleasant year round. The temperature ranges between 60 F-80 F (15 C-27 C) during the day, but can get as low as 50 F (10 C) at night. The heavy rains come April-June while the light rains fall September-November. The rains tend to fall mostly in the late evening/night time, making it sunny on most days.


There is a high percentage of Christians in Kapsowar with many different denominations represented. The Africa Inland Church is the largest Protestant denomination in the area. There is also a large Catholic presence as well. In recent years, Muslims have made some inroads into Kapsowar.


Fly by commercial airline to Nairobi. From Nairobi you will take a smaller flight to Eldoret. From Eldoret you will be taken by hospital staff to Kapsowar, approximately a two-hour drive.